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Monday, July 15, 2019

Giripremi wins prestigious mountaineering award

Dr. Raghunath Godbolea mentor at Giripremi's 8 Thousander Club, has been likewise felicitated together with the award-winning'Girimitra Giryarohak Sansthatmak Purskaar' because of his participation while in the mountaineering niche.
Chandan Chavan,'' vicepresident, Giripremi, Umesh Zirpe, pioneer of Giripremi's eight-thousander expeditions along with Giripremi's top mountaineers acquired the award from the palms of their mythical mountaineer,'' John Porter, that is just one of those leaders of alpine-style President and Saturdays of the Alpine Club, London.

 Giripremi acquired the award to get valuable participation while in the fraternity.
Krishna Dhokale,'' Giripremi's Top mountaineer and Mt. Everest and also Mt. Kangchenjunga summitter obtained the esteemed'Girimitra Giryarohak Purskar' to get an exceptional operation in Disciplines of of Mountaineering and Mountain Climbing at the Previous 1-2 weeks.
The company was working tirelessly to its welfare of this mountaineering discipline in India for its previous 38 decades past  It's the sole civilian company in India to climb 7 eight-thousander peaks, also for example Mt. Everest and also Mt. Kangchenjunga.

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